“Heketi Carib” stands for “one strong man” in the arawakan language spoken by taino people. which are the first people to inhabit dominican republic and other Caribbean islands, which is where my family is from. Im very prideful of my dominican roots, so i chose a name that kind of reminds where I come from.

Now about me, Im a 23 year old dominican from Brooklyn New York. Im currently in the united states navy serving in san diego. Since iv joined I got a severe case of seborrheic dermatitis in my face. Its encouraged me to change my lifestyle up. its been difficult to deal with. So this is a blog to talk about my journey thru it and also just a place to lay my thoughts. Its also a place for anyone with the same struggles as me to talk and maybe we could share ideas.

I dont consider myself a health expert, just posting whats worked for me and what hasnt. Feel free to call me out when im wrong or when you disagree with me :).