Seborrheic Dermatitis and the navy

When joining the navy I remember asking my recruiter if they’d accept me in with this rash on my nose. He gave me a strange look and said “what rash” I scooted in and pointed “that!”

Never would I have thought that Seborrheic Dermatitis would be this much of a hassle while in the navy with this. You see, I work on a constant rotation and you sleep at random hours. I work for 5 hours, then I’m off for 10 hours usually. Every time I wake up I have to clean my face because of all the flakes. I sleep about 2-3 times a day out at sea. So you can see that I spend a lot of time in this routine of having to clean off my face.

Then showering is the worst because after I shower and my skin gets dry the flakes appear again. I constantly find myself running to a bathroom to splash more water and scrape off more flakes. It doesn’t help that the ship is naturally cooled and dry.

One day we had a man overboard drill. It’s when someone falls off the ship. Everyone has to get to there stations so we could get a man count and find out who fell overboard. I was woken up for this drill, and before I went up to my station I ran into the bathroom to check my face, and I just thought now sad is that. Someone could be dead because of my insecurities, that’s how deep these insecurities are.

I also know that no one really holds back there questions or comments about it on the ship. I constantly find my self explaining it to somebody.



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