Using Coconut oil for my skin

Everyones into this new coconut oil craze. I saw an ad on Facebook about a free coconut oil at thrive market. I was surprised because it was real, and a decent size container. I just paid a little over a dollar for shipping. So i decided to check it out.

I decided to try it after I showered to cleanse my skin.

Oil Cleansing Method

1. Rub oil into your face in a circular motion.
2. Let sit for 30 seconds to a minute.
3. Get a warm rag and let it sit on your face.
4. Gently wipe off the excess coconut oil (its alright if some stays on there.)

This worked pretty well my skin was good for the rest of the day. So I decided to try leaving the coconut oil on over night. I basically did the first two steps of the coconut oil cleansing method and just left it on there and fell asleep. But for some reason I woke up and my face got really bad. it flared up, now what I think the reason for that is, is since oil attracts oil, the deep oil in my skin surfaced and sat on my face and that caused it to get really bad. So I do not recommend doing that off the bat. Ill try it in the future and update everyone on how it worked.


The worst part of it all

The worst part of it all is just not being able to be your self, or not wanting to be the center of attention like everyone’s meant to be because you fear someone’s will comment or ask about it. So you live a cocooned version of yourself, hiding and inesecure behind some red marks or discolored spots on your face like the man stuck behind a giant wall, or a fierce warrior behind a giant monster, or the prisoner held behind some steel bars. But the difference is I’m held up by my own insecurities and depression. Not by something physical, something I can’t make an excuse with because it’s all in my head. So when I tell friends I can’t go out, I can’t just say because my face is having a bad flair up.

I always seem to look at a mirror and think Jesus I’m ugly. Just constantly staring at the discolored spots like tattoos or battle scars. Feeling angry at the world for giving me this, then feeling angry at my self because these littlest marks don’t compare to the problems some people have, then you think ” fuck it” and think this is it, no more insecurity you don’t care anymore. And you feel some enjoyment thinking you will change. Going to bed without doing your nightly skin rituals.

Then you wake up the next morning and someone at work asks you “what’s wrong with your face bro!”

Seborrheic Dermatitis and the navy

When joining the navy I remember asking my recruiter if they’d accept me in with this rash on my nose. He gave me a strange look and said “what rash” I scooted in and pointed “that!”

Never would I have thought thatĀ Seborrheic Dermatitis would be this much of a hassle while in the navy with this. You see, I work on a constant rotation and you sleep at random hours. I work for 5 hours, then I’m off for 10 hours usually. Every time I wake up I have to clean my face because of all the flakes. I sleep about 2-3 times a day out at sea. So you can see that I spend a lot of time in this routine of having to clean off my face.

Then showering is the worst because after I shower and my skin gets dry the flakes appear again. I constantly find myself running to a bathroom to splash more water and scrape off more flakes. It doesn’t help that the ship is naturally cooled and dry.

One day we had a man overboard drill. It’s when someone falls off the ship. Everyone has to get to there stations so we could get a man count and find out who fell overboard. I was woken up for this drill, and before I went up to my station I ran into the bathroom to check my face, and I just thought now sad is that. Someone could be dead because of my insecurities, that’s how deep these insecurities are.

I also know that no one really holds back there questions or comments about it on the ship. I constantly find my self explaining it to somebody.


Seborrheic dermatitis and me

Now I found out I had seborrheic dermatitis about 2 years ago. When i noticed that the skin around my nose was pretty flakey, and getting this rash. Fast forward two years, and its gotten much worse:
(Ill put up a pic soon)

Its been like that since iv been on the ship, and i believe it has to do with the bromine thats put on the ship, Since every time i go out to sea it gets much worse. Im currently trying to figure it out. But as you can see with the pic above, its pretty bad, and its not getting any better. So this is kind of an introduction of it to you guys, and kind of a blog about my progress and research on it.

If anyone has any suggestions or things that worked for them. Let me know.